Whats the value of truth?

Whats the value of truth?
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The truth and nothing but the truth. A pursuit of truth is often sought by individuals, each of which holds their own truth to some degree. Science and it’s prospective hold an absolute stance on what is and what is not without allowing the possibility that what is true for one person or group is not always the case for others. In our physical world some truths are easily shared as we all agree to many of the components of our physical world, yet outside of the physical we experience life in ways in which the true experience for one is not the same for others.
What’s the value of truth? Truth is the foundation of which you base all of your perceptions and experiences, that which you believe is true shapes everything else you experience. This seems so important and so why are we not able to follow or grasp it. The truth is the simplest form of thought there is. The complication arises when our truth, is different than the truths of others around us. In religion, philosophy, big ideas and personal experiences, we each experience our own truth, and look for others that share our similar beliefs. To some a lifetime is dedicated to daily meditation on expanding ones relationship with their own truth. The flexibility in allowing various possibilities complicates our own view and creates a new paradigm in which we continue to seek more and more validation to tilt the scale our way. Attempting to hold onto an existing worldview would not be popular if you are the only one in a group of those who sees the world completely differently. To adjust we dismiss our own truth and allow our ego to use judgements and other forms of dishonesty to blend into such an environment. These conflicting experiences lead us down a continuing spiral of distortions that ultimately have one chasing their own tail. In order to grasp the truth, we must use our free will and freedom of thought to stay centered in who we are no matter what exists outside of us. The truth is inside of you and the consequences of sacrificing this creates a complicated puzzle for our psyche and spirit to unravel. The search for greater truth beyond religion and science, the inward seeking of our own truth ultimately expands the honest experience of who we are, and yet its value among many appears to be quite low. Truth is greater than man or woman, it is your own, and your journey to discover it for yourself.

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