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Name Numerology

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Numerology is a mystical way of looking at numbers and their respective role in our lives. Numerology name value helps us to establish a relationship between various physical objects and the numbers associated with them. These numbers range from one to nine, and in some forms of numerology one to ten. A long time ago, numerology was considered to be a part of mathematics, but today in the West it is considered more of a mystical science although it is more often credited by physicist for offering possibilities into the understanding of some mysterious equations.

For many ages, numerology has been playing an important role everywhere in our lives and experiences although we may not pay close attention to the numbers around us, these numbers when studied using numerology provide a powerful new perspective. Lets use numerology and apply it to your name. Similar to a horoscope or zodiac sign,, numerology can provide some interesting characteristics based on the value of a name.
Perhaps if we knew this information before giving a child a name we would devote more energy to finding the perfect name for this new baby. The value of the name given is represented by numbers for each alphabetical character. It is important to use the full name from the exact name on the birth certificate of each person. if there has been a name alteration to that name by adoption, nicknames, marriage, language or voluntary change this second name should be evaluated separately and may still be relevant to some extent.

lets use my name “Katy” for example, Katy has four alphabetical characters, each associated with a number. In Numerology there are various charts out there but I have always been taught the following values. I assign K as two, A as one, T as two and y as seven. By adding these numbers we get a total of 12. Each number has a unique vibration with some particular behavioral trends and patterns associated with them. In my case the 12 is then reduced to a single number by adding 1+2 to get the number 3. So the name Katy is a 3. if I wanted to get a full name value I would include my middle and last names and then add and reduce until I get my final number. A double digit number is considered a master number and represents a special vibration and are not reduced further.
Here is a quick chart of the number values to determine the value of your name in numerology.

A, J, S – 1

B, K, T – 2

C, L, U – 3

D, M, V – 4

E, N, W – 5

F, O, X – 6

G, P, Y – 7

H, Q, Z – 8

I, R – 9

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