Holistic health treatments and products for wrinkles

Holistic health treatments and products for wrinkles

energy healing for skin and scars

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Healing treatments for your skin, facial wrinkles, scars and other skin conditions. Energy Healer Peter Koehler says Energy Healing can be used for strengthening, clearing, and rejuvenating your skin. Peter uses a combination of Barbara Brennan Healing Sciences, Reiki, Shamanism, as well as Spirit Guide and Angel Healing modalities to work with helping restore healthy youthful looking skin and remove scars from the body. Rejuvenating and regenerating the skin is a holistic process that has it’s best results when combining natural oils, balms and healing work around the underlying causes and is done over a series of energy healing sessions.

Over the years, lines tend to develop on our skin and faces, we apply numerous products and efforts to reduce these signs of aging but often overlook the potential benefits of energy healing for these wrinkles. Energy healing can have much more beneficial and longer lasting results than topical products injections or surgery if the healer is able to remove stagnant and negative energy from these areas. Many skin care and rejuvenation products and techniques can be effective but the use energy healing can greatly enhance these efforts.

Energy healing for skin and scars is painless, it is a non invasive gentle touch technique to consider for those who wish to avoid surgical methods or compliment their healing process. Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years and can be applied to helping minimize and remove scars and for help in rejuvenating the skin. Energy healing also addresses overall health so clients receive the added benefit of receiving healing in other aspects of their lives. Energy healing produces a feeling of well being, is very relaxing and can help your skin to shine.

Energy healing balances and harmonizes the energy in and around the body. Energy around the face, eyes or where wrinkles appear can be removed providing an energetic result where the skin is nourished and healed. The result being refreshed, energized and healthier skin.