Who’s Destroying Your Future

Who’s Destroying Your Future

By West Sherman

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It’s Accepted by millions and known today that some corporations must be deeply rooted in the evils of the world. These horrible companies, like pesticide producers selling billions of gallons of toxic products or plastic manufactures simply do not care about the future of this planet. Monsanto is creating a legal fortress to force farmers to use genetically modified plants and vegetables that make people sick and compliant. They spend millions of dollars to keep this all secret. Drug companies and advertising companies lie to sell their products. There are companies that resort to murder and mass genocide for profit and unbelievable agendas. They work hard to make sure their products are nestled comfortably in every home. You have a choice to use and purchase these products, and most often they are the most affordable choice to ensure the evil continues, but you can make a stand and stop this evil.
Make no mistake these companies are bad they do have evil intentions, and they often use money and lies to influence your politicians and grow in their evil ways.Stay away from these horrible corporations and companies that only wish to gain more control over you, and destroy the world you live in.
We should all avoid doing any business with AT&T, Comcast, Monsanto, Bayer, Exxon, Mitsubishi, Smithfield foods, James hardy, Yelp, Phillip Morris, Union Carbide, Nestle, and others who are truly
out to destroy our world through deception, lies, and evil purposes.

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