How To Make A Pendulum for Energy Readings

How To Make A Pendulum for Energy Readings
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A pendulum can be a very useful tool in energy healing and for spiritual inquiring. When used in conjunction with a clear intention, it can be used for dowsing and divination. It can be used to read the chakras of the body, find the appropriate oils and crystals for healing clients and more. Pendulums for energy readings give more than just yes and no answers they can give us a sense of how much or how little energy is present and if it harmonious or distorted. Barbara Brennan the author of energy healing book “Hands of Light” explains in her books the various shapes and movements a pendulum makes and how we can interpret this information.

It is important to have a pendulum that is your own, or clear of energy and that you provide a neutral channel to observe the pendulums movements. The pendulum works in a way very similar to what you would get from muscle testing or applied kinesiology, but offers more ways of interpreting the patterns and responses. Pendulums provide additional information through degree, intensity and form.

There are many commercial pendulums available on the market, both online like the ones in the store or in shops selling metaphysical or new age items. If you do not have access to a professionally made stone, crystal, or metal pendulum and you need to do a reading, then you may want to make one yourself.

A pendulum is not terribly difficult to make, and with a little creativity one can be put together, you will need a small weight on the end of a pendulum and a string, cord or
chain connected to the weight. For the pendulum weight you can use any small balanced weighted object. I have seen people use fishing weights, a plumb bob, parts of jewelry, acorns and other small objects. It is important that the weighted object be balanced on the chain so fastening an eye hook or attachment for the chain must be centered so the object is evenly balanced.

For the chain, you can use a necklace, string, or cord. Metal ones are preferred. The length of the chain should be about 12″ and
once assembled the weight should swing back and forth easily and evenly.

Once complete your ready to take some readings, place the pendulum over your palm and observe the way it moves. once you are familiar with using a pendulum I am sure you will agree these are remarkable tools for ready energy and finding one made of your crystal of choice may fit you best.

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