How Often Should You Have a Tarot Reading?

How Often Should You Have a Tarot Reading?
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“How often should I have a Tarot Card reading?” There is no general answer really, it depends on your purpose, what type of reading you are having and the way you are using it. If you are looking for some indication about what is happening in general in the near future, then you could have a reading daily about what tomorrow might bring. With a reading based on one specific topic you can ask whenever you like as long as the topics are different. It’s not recommended to ask the same thing many times, because the answers just become confusing and often merely reflect how you are feeling that day. Asking the same question again and again, trying to “nag” the cards into telling you what you want to hear is not healthy. Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want and we have to accept that and get on with things as best we can. I am sure Tarot readers use the cards often themselves, but paying for daily readings could get expensive.

If you are looking at one issue at a time, such as if you are going to get a new job soon, you can ask that question using a smaller spread. A few cards or a Celtic Cross will be fine and will tell you what the possibilities are in that situation. The reading might tell you if you need to add to your skills and head off in a new career direction or search more thoroughly for a job than you are currently doing. If you asked about moving your place of residence or selling your house, it may reveal that moving would be disruptive at this time. The Tarot is always more than just “Yes” or “No”, and is able to provide some advice or insight into the topic at hand.

General or broad category readings like what the new year will bring tend to involve a bigger “spread”, with more cards in it. This allows for the interpretation of a broader view of trends that may be coming into play around you. It usually tells a reader whether you are in a time of change, or one of relative stability. It may also offer insight on upcoming opportunities, turbulence, or if things shall remain very similar to how they are now. You don’t need this kind of reading very frequently. It’s “big picture” stuff and tends to change slowly.

It’s better not to ask trivial questions. I have found that the Tarot works best when you’ve thought out your question carefully and put it in a sensible manner. When you have an answer to a question, then it’s a good idea to go away and reflect on it and see how that answer can help you with your problem. That is one of the strengths of the Tarot – guidance. It can help us to see solutions for ourselves.

By using the Tarot wisely, The answers often open up new ways of looking at our lives that can help us make the best decisions for ourselves in the future.

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