Holistic Healing Energy Healing

Holistic Healing Energy Healing
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Energy medicine is a holistic healing modality that can complement other therapies and forms of medical care. In energy medicine the approach is for the client or patient to get a more comprehensive understanding of their health in all areas of their life. The energy healer works to address physical ailments, injuries and emotional or mental complaints, and works to bring relief and balance back to the client’s health. Energy medicine therapies are focused on working with chi or life force energy that exists inside and out of our bodies. The healer works to balance energy in the aura, the human energy field, the chakras, and the energy meridians.

Energy healing practitioners believe in the body’s ability to heal itself by activating its natural healing response. With various techniques used, a trained healer can detect areas of energy that may be weakened, broken, blocked or distorted. The healer may use light touch or movements of the hands to increase, decrease or balance the flow of energy where needed. The use of energy medicine is often combined with chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki massage and other therapies to treat illness, trauma, injury and pain.

By working with energy medicine the goal is to improve the mind body and emotions of the client while balancing and improving overall health, and increasing satisfaction and joy in life.

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