Different Types Of Psychic Abilities

Different Types Of Psychic Abilities
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There are numerous types of psychic abilities that include awareness and sensitivity to perceive beyond the five senses we are traditionally taught to rely on. There exists a world of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and general confusion surrounding the fields of parapsychology and psychic activity. Though parapsychology has been heavily criticized, scrutinized, and stigmatized, today there exists much more evidence for it’s validity than exist to discredit it. There are clearly defined distinctions between psychic abilities and we have just began to understand these incredible distinct sciences and perhaps more will emerge as we discover more of our expanded consciousness.

Extra-sensory perception (ESP), prophesies of the future, and a “sixth sense” are all forms of “psychic ability”. People who experience psychic abilities often describe a sense of just “having it” without having any conception of how it got there. To psychics these senses may seem just as natural as our other senses like hearing, seeing, and feeling. There are numerous scientific and professional studies of the individual psychic techniques being performed around the world. Clairvoyance is a synonym for extrasensory perception – any knowledge or consciousness of an event outside of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, or smelling it is considered clairvoyant, this often considered a more mental experience for the psychic, though different from the everyday mental experiences of a non psychic person. Clairaudience, which is defined as the ability to hear or sense sounds, words, or even conversations that cannot be perceived by a non-psychic person. Clairsentient psychics can sense past, present, or future events through “sensing” them, literally meaning “clear feeling” they may experience the sense of a fire feeling the heat, or feeling the earth shake if sensing an earthquake, these visions can be as real as the actual event for the clairsentient psychic who feels the psychic experience. There a many additional types of psychic abilities, including “channeling,” which is defined as the ability to receive and transmit information from another external consciousness. Divination is the act of gaining insight or answering questions through the practice of various psychic tools. Psychics who use divination tools are perhaps the most popular and can be found in almost any large city, offering services like fortune telling, tarot reading, or psychic counseling.

Some of the more interesting psychic abilities include Psychometrist, who can access information from an object by obtaining physical contact with it. Any physical object is exposed to various energies as it goes through life, these energies are then accessed when touched by a Psychometrist who can see sense experiences related to it. This ability has been demonstrated in numerous missing persons cases and psychic investigations. Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects or change physical attributes without any physical contact. This psychic ability also includes making object disappear, appear, combust, or creating sounds from the non physical world. Remote Viewers, who can travel psychically to a location and obtain information or view events in this distant location. This psychic ability has been rumored to be an extensive military study in the east and in the US for a number of years.
Psychic Healers – It is very common for healing schools to teach healers to use psychic and intuitive abilities, some psychic healers have demonstrated the ability to heal individuals over long distance or through the use of non physical practices.

As our psychic abilities become more accepted and understood we more likely to see more distinctions between these extra senses that are becoming ever the more popular.

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