Clairvoyance in Healing

Clairvoyance in Healing
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The direct translation of the word “clairvoyance” is “clear sight”. It is defined as the ability to perceive or even see with the “mind’s eye” something that is beyond normal perception and without any knowledge of a subject. Most paranormal professionals and enthusiasts believe that psychic ability resides within every human being. Their belief is that most people do not tap into their clairvoyance because they are either unaware or never taught to use it, and that many are often taught not to use their psychic abilities.

There are various types of clairvoyant abilities, and even more ways to apply clairvoyant experiences. In todays world we often think modern doctors understand their science and our bodies sufficient enough to correctly identify most medical conditions and make the correct decisions when it comes to how to heal them. Unfortunately this is far from true, doctors, more often than not, are wrong in their diagnosis, and often have no idea why a person may be experiencing certain symptoms. They focus on symptoms alone and make prescription medicine a top priority in an attempt to stop the experience of these symptoms, completely overlooking the cause and very often have no means of finding a cause using any number of conventional tests. It is not the doctors fault, but rather the system of medicine in which they are taught and the fact even with todays technology we know very little about the varying complexities of the human body. Medical intuitives and clairvoyant healers are now more than ever working in hospitals and professional medical centers to help provide insight and healing to patients who have access to these services. Doctor Norman Shealy introduced energy medicine into a professional setting with the famous healer and clairvoyant Caroline Myss.

A Medical Intuitive can psychically interpret conditions inside the human body, even to the level of blood chemistry and hormonal imbalances which is far beyond what is considered possible by any of our five common senses. A Medical Intuitive may see the condition as energy or energy blocks and explain the connection of this energy to an emotional, physical, or psychological condition or some other experience that could be causing the illness or symptoms.
This information can be discussed with a medical doctor or health care professional to help with trying additional tests or possible treatments. Today, many medical intuitives are doctors themselves and open to the ideas of energy healing and holistic medicine.

Clairvoyant healers are also commonly found working in Reiki, energy-work, and even massage therapist who intuitively know where to concentrate their energy. With doctors overworked and often missing the causes of illness, disease, and ailments, more people are finding clairvoyant healers, and medical intuitives can help provide insight into what may be causing these conditions. If you are experiencing a medical condition you should always seek the care of a medical physician. Medical intuitives are not a replacement for medical care. Any individual with medical conditions should work with a licensed health care professional prior to seeking the assistance of a clairvoyant healer, or medical intuitive.

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