Aura: Human Energy Feild

Aura: Human Energy Feild
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Are there times when you feel uncomfortable in crowded places? Are there moments when you feel as if your space is being invaded? Some people can only come so close to you. This is a reaction triggered by your senses that exist beyond your physical body and in your aura. It’s possible that someone else is intruding upon your aura, attaching cords, or taking energy away from you!

At times, you may feel uneasy in the presence of a certain person. You enter a room, you have this sense that something is wrong. The human aura is a strong complex energetic field, perhaps best depicted by Barbara Brennan in her famous book (Hands of Light). Although not commonly taught in the western world We give off and receive energy through our Auras. There are numerous levels of energy that surround us and also exist around every living thing, plants, trees, animals, and people all have their own aura around them. For some healers and others gifted with a higher degree of sight Auras can be seen with the eyes wide open. For others the aura can be seen psychically and interpreted with various methods of intuitive ability. Many may be able to see Auras, but are not aware so they do not look for them. If you wish to practice it may not be that hard, the aura can be best seen under dim light conditions. You may also observe your own aura by looking in a mirror against a light color background with dim lighting.

When people seem happy and fun to be around others may describe that person as being light and clear, and those who weigh us down or make us feel uneasy may sometimes be described as dark and heavy. You can feel these energy forces in a room full of people, where varying energies, positive and negative are constantly being interchanged. The aura is an extension of our energies, and can be strong or weak, fair or otherwise, light and bright or dull and dense.

Can you see this energy feild?
Look beyond the subject, rather than focus on it, I had good luck while laying on the grass under some fairly large leaves, with my eyes partially closed I was able to easily observe the energy around the plant. When looking at people, auras are observed more prominently around the hands, between the shoulders, neck and head.
Closest to the body is the physical aura. It represents the body’s physical growth, strengths and weaknesses, physical sensations, pleasant and unpleasant. This band is very strong in athletes and people who are in touch with themselves- enjoy life’s pleasures like food, massage, bodily comforts, sex, etc.

Mental and Emotional Aura

Moving away from the body are the second and third layers. These reflect the person’s emotional health and mental aspects. These layers of the aura fluctuate quicker as a person changes their emotional and mental experiences throughout the day.

Spiritual Aura

These layers of the aura reflect the energy of the heart and spirit. They correspond with deeper life meaning, positive and negative patterns, judgements and our relation to the divine.

If interested in the study of the Aura and Human Energy Field pick up a copy of Barbara Brennan’s book ( Hands of light) or other materials available on the subject. As living things evolve, so do our auras and energy fields. As we develop, as we solve our problems, as we work through inhibiting blocks, we continue to balance our energies, and the way we perceive and work with these aspects of ourselves.

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