Sound Healing in Many Holistic Modalities

Sound Healing in Many Holistic Modalities
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For thousands of years, music and sounds have been used in sound healing rituals and prayer for healing. In modern times, sound healers, energy healers, spiritual healers, and Reiki practitioners incorporate sound healing tools and toning into healing and chakra balancing therapies. Sound healing although perhaps one of the oldest components of sacred healing in now becoming an important recognized aspect in many healing modalities.

Sound, Music, and the use of one’s Voice can all produce profound changes in one’s emotional, mental, and physical experience, and can transform one’s health as a result of these experiences. Sound is a powerful healing tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are all vibrational beings. References to sound healing date back to biblical times and are recognized by cultures across the globe. In John 1:1, it reads; “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Words are both sounds and vibrational energetic containers, and the words we choose and how we use to use them have profound effects on ourselves and those who hear us.

Sound, language, and music can all be felt without understanding the finite meaning of the words used, we can decipher a feeling, intention, and emotion connected to our experiences with sound. With sound healing we believe the sounds we are exposed to have the potential to change our own vibration, as it is the nature of sound to resonate.
Resonance occurs when an object begins to vibrate at a particular frequency. This can be demonstrated using two tuning forks, striking just one and then move it towards the other. The second fork will begin vibrating with the same frequency as a result of resonance. The same principal applies to sound healing when we are exposed to harmonious sound waves our bodies and energy fields also resonate to the sounds thus restoring our natural vibrations.

The intentional use of sounds for healing can be recorded and used in music, chanting, and individual tones. Sound healing can combine, scientifically identified frequencies, sounds of nature, instruments, binaural beats, and voice. Shaman and healers may use sounds to move energy, balance chakras, open the heart, and clear the energy field. Sound healing can also be experienced on a physical level where sound is converted to vibration and broadcast through healing tables and chairs like those available through
Sound healing is an extremely relaxing and beneficial form of holistic healing. It can be experienced in many forms and is associated with numerous holistic modalities. Whether your new to healing work or you have experienced other holistic healing modalities you will surely love the benefits of Sound Healing!