2020 psychic predictions

Hello all and thank you again for visiting our ever more popular psychic predictions page for the year 2020.  The great awakening is occurring and will be more apparent this year. Many truths and hidden agendas are being exposed as the truth is coming up in everything. This struggle may play out in many forms as negative energies try to continue their efforts and conceal themselves in new ways. If your dealing with hard times it is time to face the truth! The vibrations of many individuals are advancing and humans are experiencing a time like no other on earth. While the news media and others try to convince you that the world is a dangerous and scary place, be aware that this method is being used to intimidate and deceive you. There are lots of fake news stories and yes here in America we are being deceived. The anger and resentment the blame and disbelief the critical mind the lower self the little you who has kept you in struggle is holding on tight so its time to let that go.   The dark forces do exist and they may shake our reality but they are not going to win and our world is currently shifting to a much more harmonious place. Your every deed, intention and thought is shaping your reality, so focus on the positive, love, peace, and harmony, may the light be with you. Be in Joy seek that which brings you joy and pleasure always, be strong, be loved, and be the light to light the way for others. 2020 psychic predictions and visions NOTE: we may add to this list as new predictions come about. These may also apply to later years as they do not come with a time stamp on them and we live in a world of free will. Nothing is 100% so although psychic visions may represent a higher probability of something occurring it is important to understand we can change the future and there is no way to say that anything will happen for sure.

  • The market and economy will do good in the USA but in Europe it will not do as well
  • Lots of drama in the news with stories that contradict one another one after the other like a battle of news and information
  • Satellite images will expose many secrets and phenomena on our planet
  • Roger Stone presents information that is very shocking to the world
  • Democrat party manipulating election or caucus the voters picks some candidates being…


Worst Food and Beauty Product Ingredients in 2020

As you already know and so many of you are now reading the lists of ingredients in most of the products we buy, there are plenty of bad ingredients out there and we're not just talking about processed sugar and refined wheat. Some ingredients are seriously dangerous and they should be avoided no matter what. Unfortunately lots of the cheaper products we find include the really bad stuff, so dollar store shampoo should not even be used on your pets. Below are a list of 10 chemicals, additives, poisons or whatever you want to call them, if you see these ingredients, DO NOT BUY!! Bad products are often cheaper almost free but at the cost of your health! A sale on Poison, is still Poison, be aware of whats inside the products you purchase. Do your research and read more about these ingredients, they are really bad, yes REALLY BAD. Similar name ingredients are often just as bad, so if its name is slightly different it could still be bad. Putting chemicals on your skin or scalp can be worse than eating them, if applied directly to skin these ingredients can be absorbed straight into your bloodstream and go directly to your organs. 1. Propylene Glycol (lotions, shampoo, conditioner, snacks, junk foods, snow cone and flavoring syrup) 2. lauryl sodium sulfate ( body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, lots of stuff) 3. Palm oil and other trans fatty oils ( bad for you, the environment and your heart) 4. Fake Sugars Aspartame, Acesulfame, Sucralose, Saccharin (avoid, avoid, avoid) 5. Butylated Hydroxyanisole food preservative that's as bad as its name 6. Sodium Nitrates and Sodium Nitrites (Bacon sausage, processed meats not as bad as others but still bad) 7. Dibutyl phthalate beauty products nails (reproductive health concerns among others) 8. Siloxane or methicone (beauty products toxicant) 9. Triclosan (antiperspirant toothpaste, toxic) 10. Titanium Dioxide ( vitamins, supplements colored foods toxic additive avoid synthetic vitamins.) 11. Carrageenan (sounds pretty innocent buts actually another toxic filler) 12. Natural Flavors is now a name that is owned and is used for many additives including msg ( its not the worst but thought you should know)…