Understanding Astrology Predictions

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Astrological Predictions are as complex in nature as many other forms of predictions or prophesy. Looking into 2015 and predictions for 2016 many people turn to astrology to see what may be heading our way in the months and years to come. While individual astrological predictions are made on the basis of a birth chart, and the relation to various planetary movements, it is more complex to predict things in which a birth chart is not available. When astrologers cannot locate a birth time they often resort to resources that may prove inaccurate or make assumptions that can change the outlook by considerable margin. If looking at the astrological chart of a business one can make a chart on the day the idea was born, or when the paperwork was filed, or when the doors first opened, all of which may be months apart and have very different charts associated with it.

Astrology is a very complex science and having a shallow understanding of it is not sufficient to make accurate predictions. Astrological predictions are an age old practice that was prevalent even in ancient civilizations. Today there are numerous types of Astrology and nobody knows which is more accurate or correct. Chinese astrology, and Vedic astrology are practiced in the east and are perhaps the most accurate, however western astrology is more popular in the West and is also being taught in the east. These differences and the complexity of Astrology makes finding an astrologer capable of giving valuable predictions more difficult to find.

One must consider first doing a full and complete chart of the person, place, business, or object for which predictions will be made. Armed with a full chart you can then see if the aspects, characteristics, and dynamics of the chart match that of the person or object of study. Once a match is established find an astrologer who has studied and made a living using astrology and astrological predictions, then and only then do you have a good chance of getting predictions that match the possibilities for the future.

These predictions are never set in stone as we live in a world of free will and ever changing circumstances. Since most people are interested in astrological predictions of their love life, the stock market and their money chances are you will find an astrologer who can shine some light on these aspects of their life.

The nature of astrology for making predictions can be a useful and powerful tool however finding a qualified astrologer to make such predictions is a bigger portion of the equation. With numerous under qualified so called astrologers making predictions your sure to find a number of false prophecies and forecasts.

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