OMG Magic,.. is it for real?

OMG Magic,.. is it for real?

Bethany Waters

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Working with magic spells is like fake right? Its like pretend, or so I like to think, but something inside says we just don’t mess with it. This is probably because you will be putting your own emotion and energy into a magic spell in it’s creation… it will be like,..ughh personal, whoa there friend…., I have a strange feeling about this. The people who teach this Magic, Wicca, and Witchy stuff are all sorta weird, and that is super creepy in itself. Really, is there such a thing like real magic, what can you possibly do? It could be good, or amazing, or really super dangerous, so why not try it? Ummmm, for one you can go into it totally unprepared for what could happen, and if you open yourself up to the world of magic you might need to be strong enough to understand your own powers. Others might also want to use you to fulfill their own agendas… No thank you, I keeping my pants on tight.

The ingredients and tools that you use are dependent upon your beliefs, so if you can believe it enough, the results may just blow you away. Like faith can move a mountain, but remember, we are completely faithless little sheep? But wait there is hope, without faith we can still do this type of magic using mantras or affirmations. Words and sounds are all vibrational containers, so rhyming some spells helps us to get the message to stick, and if the meaning and message stick in our heads it may just play out in real life. You can put yourselves into a trance, somewhat hypnotized by repeating words for a long period of time, try this while charging the spell or even a single word with the energy of your will. Sounds like you need a mental checkup right? Everything that you put into the spell, the ingredients, the words, the time of day, etc come together with your desire, emotion, and belief to bring about some type of outcome. Like magic, if it works,… wow that is so cool. By the way I think David Blane is incredibly, .., well never mind.

Some people claim you can loose everything practicing Magic in ways that go against common morality. I know, morality is the ever more popular these days, as we all distribute poison and toxins around our homes to kill things we think shouldn’t be there, and lie and cheat so we can have more unhealthy crap to feed our faces. I guess that means we should only use magic for things that don’t negatively effect others and always make sure our heart is in the right place, and that we feel good about casting a spell. No matter what I am still not convinced that magic is the answer and it sure seems super creepy knowing magic is back in fashion and some users will be using it for bad.

Now, if your going to try it or hang out with the creeps that are just getting started with magic spells be warned and look out for.

  • Any sudden intense desire that you have, the spell might be aimed at you
  • being afraid, probably not a good idea to be in a place where fear is in the air.
  • If you see two shadows or feel dizzy or experience hot flashes it’s time to get out.
  • Having the words of a spell or rhyme stuck in your head
  • Getting over excited if you see real results, temptation is strong
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