2019 psychic predictions

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Hello all and thank you again for visiting our ever more popular psychic predictions page for the year 2019. As we are coming closer to the end of a great cosmic cycle we are seeing the energy shift in many aspects of our lives. More chaos and turbulence is forced to the surface while the hidden agendas are exposed. This struggle may play out many forms as negative energies try to continue their efforts and conceal themselves in new ways. The vibrations of many is advancing and humans are experiencing a time like no other on earth. While the news media and others try to convince you that the world is a dangerous and scary place, be aware that this method is being used to intimidate and deceive you. There are lots of fake news stories and trying to find out which is which is best left to the heart.  The dark forces do exist and they may shake our reality but they are not going to win and our world is currently shifting to a much more harmonious place. Your every deed, intention and thought is shaping your reality, so focus on the positive, love, peace, and harmony, may the light be with you. Be in Joy seek that which brings you joy and pleasure always, be strong, be loved, and be the light to light the way for others.

Our 2019 psychic predictions and visions
NOTE: we will add to this list as new predictions come about. These may also apply to later years as they do not come with a time stamp on them and we live in a world of free will. Nothing is 100% so although psychic visions may represent a higher probability of something occurring it is important to understand we can change the future and there is no way to say this or that will happen for sure.

  • The market and economy do not crash yet, but there is more instability
  • Instability and problems with real estate markets in Europe and the USA not a full crash but a correction¬†Real Estate in Australia and other countries more affected
  • Satellite images will expose many secrets and phenomena on our planet
  • Virtual reality will be much more applied into our lives, virtual shopping and showrooms, real estate tours, vacation previews, lots of uses for VR in medicine and medical technology to come
  • Many uprisings against governments around the world, Europe divided France spreads to others
  • Many break through cures for diseases and medical science advances, some related to plants and plants producing the medicines, light therapy and the ability to grow human tissues
  • Although many make Russia out to be the bad guys they are actually exercising great patience and helping the world positively during this shift. Politics act like childish tantrums
  • Water, currency and travel bans travel restrictions in the news. Fiji?
  • More alien and ufo evidence released, hidden conspiracy starting to break apart disclosure or a big event is coming soon
  • Vegan diets popularity and controversy in the news
  • Sink Holes and other underground caves mines tunnels something is going on under the surface of the earth. Crevasses breaks in the earth like that seen in earthquakes
  • holographic technology advances greatly as does 3d printing
  • sound linked to new science around force-fields and anti-gravity
  • a sort of economic warfare with currencies and values being manipulated brought to light
  • New studies linking tattoos and poor health conditions in the news
  • We may see some sort of test using false prophet or religious type experiment in military event or other scenario? Holographic, weather control or something related
  • Robots everywhere and drones more and more used as assistants in homes and business
  • Cars have highly evolved intelligent systems look similar to cockpits with lots of computer controls systems
  • Scandals and dishonesty revealed at a very high level perhaps our government or another perhaps both?
  • Stock markets up and down then up and down but economy growing in the USA.
  • Healthcare in transition people not understanding what has happened
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